Things are seldom what they appear to be at first glance. They comprise layers of thoughts, memories, emotions or colors, structures and shapes. I am seldom drawn to the object itself, more to the memories and emotions it captures. This is what I want to convey in my work, letting the playfulness, drowsiness and daze of everyday life catch the eyes of the beholder. I want the viewer not only to see my work, but also to feel my work. I want to trigger a thought, awaken a memory or an emotion. My work can be very direct and documentary, or on the border between dream and reality, often with a trace of spitituality.

I work with varied materials and techniques; amongst others clay, textiles, paints and photography. Analogue photography helps me to find focus, to be part of the process. Since I started photography, the world has become full of colors, shapes and structures. Nature is never grey, not even on a dull winter day. Vegetation rusty-brown, copper-red, deep-green, bluish-purple. The sea is lead-grey, bottle-green or ash-black. The sky is the faintest blue, flamboyant-pink or graphite-grey. Nature is always changing and evolving, giving me new inspiration with every walk. 

The smallest meaningless thing becomes meaningful when it is captured in a photograph.